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Dr Vanessa Phua
Registered/Qualified Laser Physician
Dr Vanessa Phua Programmes


The objectives of this programme are to reverse the arrest and reverse the ravages of time and gravity. Restoration of texture and volume are the mainstay of the treatments, offering one an age appropriate rejuvenation, where one can look fabulous at any point of their lives. The treatments combine Ultherapy™, the only US FDA Approved device for skin lifting, to remodel the skin and soft tissues, lifting them to higher, more youthful proportions.

Living in Singapore's climate, enlarged facial pores are inevitable, and this adds to a rough complexion. Why yearn over porcelain, smooth complexion when you can achieve that with the right treatment!

The solution lies in Dr Vanessa Phua's highly effective and clinically-proven combination of laser rejuvenation treatments and cosmeceuticals!

Acne or acne vulgaris is multifactorial in origin. Stressful lifestyles and diet, hormonal fluctuations, unsuitable skincare and cosmetics are just few of the myriad reasons. Customised in-clinic treatments, alongside cosmecuticals and skincare regimes all help to reduce and control acne.

The origin of pigmentation and uneven skin tone is a bugbear to most individuals. The Pigment protocol encompasses the reduction of pigmentation at different depths using state of the art Picosecond (Enlighten™ by Cutera) laser protocols and prescription cosmeceuticals to effectively even out skin tone.

Regain your curves and lose the muffin top with no down time*! Freeze your bulges away with CoolSculpting® by Zeltiq with medical supervision.
(*Results vary based on the individual)

Customised programme focusing on restoring mommy’s body and face to their pre-baby days!

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Dr Vanessa Phua
Registered/Qualified Laser Physician

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